We are a thriving commodity brokerage and research firm redefining value creation for institutional clients. As a full-service commodities execution organization, we offer our customers unique insight into Over-The-Counter and Exchange-Traded Energy and Environmental Products. We offer access to intellectual and execution edge in our markets serviced by seasoned professionals through data analytics, enhanced liquidity pools, and voice execution.
Founded by Traders and Quants, Trident set about to transform the marketplace for execution by leveraging the information asymmetry in the voice brokered space to provide unparalleled best execution for our clients.

Trident’s oil team consistently ranks in the top 3 by volume of transactions in the products they broker. The team’s differentiation lies in its commitment to pricing and tracking skew, term structure volatility, correlated price movements and deal flows. They possess a deep understanding of the products they cover. Amid instantaneous algorithmic adjustments to flat price and volatility curves, Trident sources the liquidity our clients need to stay ahead of the curve.

Trident’s Grades team focuses on the following US Gulf Coast Grades: Midland, Houston, LLS, and Mars. Our relationships span banks, trade shops, physical oil companies and hedge funds.

Refined Product options are among the most illiquid derivative instruments in the commodity sector. This team focuses on Heating Oil and RBOB options. Given the importance of these secondary instruments as components of a processed barrel of oil, our products group leverage the position of Trident’s Crude Oil team to help our clients find optimal execution points.

The rise of oil and gas production in shale formations has led to considerable growth in the production of natural gas liquids (NGL). This has made the U.S. one of the leading NGL exporters. Trident’s NGL brokers possess years of experience throughout the shale boom. Whether you are a producer looking to hedge, end user looking to manage your price risk, or looking for takeaway/export capacity, we can customize products and solutions to meet your needs.
Trident’s Natural Gas Desk is consistently ranked in the top 3 by volume among the 3 major clearing exchanges. We have a proven track record of utilizing a full array of fundamental and derivative analytics to help our clients make more informed choices about risk. The Natural Gas team works closely with our Power colleagues to provide seamless information flow between these two related products. We currently source liquidity in monthly options, CSOs, calendar strip options, swaptions, and pipe options.
Trident’s Power desk consists of a team of six brokers each with over 15 years of experience in the market. Coupling our experience with our market knowledge and broad client base we provide excellent service to our customers on both the execution and the analytical sides of the business. We currently source liquidity in PJM, MISO, NEPOOL, NYISO, capacity and options in each hub where available.
With 60+ years of combined experience and backgrounds in trading, asset management and risk management, our team provides the highest-level of service. From fundamental analysis and regulatory insights to decades-long relationships across the industry, we strive to add value to each customer with a comprehensive approach. Whether you need a highly-structured transaction for project finance purposes or need liquidity for prompt delivery, we have a solution for you.
Sourcing world class liquidity through our diverse customer base.​
Trident’s greatest strengths are that we are a collaborative, analytical and entrepreneurial firm that conducts business in a competitive work environment. We offer our customers unique insight into Over-The-Counter and Exchange-Traded Commodities and environmental Products, through data analytics, enhanced liquidity pools and world class execution.
The utmost adherence
of responsibility to our clients.
Trident employees are held to the highest professional standards. We have strict rules and rigorous trainings set in place for business ethics, conflict of interest and anti-money laundering. Our brokers adhere closely to the rules and regulations from the NFA and CFTC. We protect the interests of our clients while holding ourselves to the highest standards.
Former traders reinventing
the traditional brokerage landscape.
In an increasingly fast-moving energy market characterized by intense competition, profit margins are defined by the information edge. Access to intellectual content from fundamental research, quantitative modelling to idea generation in dynamic commodities markets serviced by seasoned professionals. Our brokers have decades of real-world trading experience and will provide immense value to clients.  
Expanding Our Business Capacity And Scope.
Since Trident’s inception we have expanded our footprint geographically and in market sectors. We are an agile organization that has the ability to evolve and grow as new opportunities present themselves. With a strong foundation in place, we continue to explore new markets in order to meet the growing needs of our clients. We are passionate learners that look forward to exploring new horizons with you.
Trident’s executive team found each other in pursuit of one common goal: connecting people and ideas with world class liquidity. We continue to strive to help make all we come in contact with, better off from their interaction with Trident. By maximizing the potential of our clients we are increasing our global reach, and thereby our potential to help others.
Joe Sutherland entered the energy industry joining Susquehanna International Group (SIG) on the New York mercantile exchange in 2008 after graduating with a B.S. in Finance from Lehigh University. Specializing in volatility arbitrage, he spent his trading career managing a portfolio of energy related Derivatives at Kottke Associates and Atlantic Trading. Joe joined Trident as a Managing Partner in 2013 with the vision of redefining the value proposition for energy voice brokers.
Charles Fruscione graduated from the State University of New York College at Oneonta with a BA degree in Psychology and a focus on Group Dynamics. He spent the next 27 years in the Commodity Futures industry as a trader, a broker, and business owner. He has extensive experience and knowledge in front, middle and back office operations. Mr. Fruscione is the founding principal, President and CFO of Trident Brokerage Services LLC.
Keith Poisella graduated from Bucknell University with a BS in Business Administration. He began his career in the Fixed Income asset class at Belle Haven Investments. In 2007, Keith transitioned to brokering commodities at Tradition Financial Services, specializing in Crude Options. Keith joined Trident in 2013 as a Managing Partner and is the Head of Crude Oil Derivatives.
Vikram Reddy began his career in the equity derivatives market making and algorithmic trading ground at Goldman Sachs in 2000. He focused on NDX and QQQ Index options as well as the oil services single stocks book. After graduate school, he joined Barclays Capital in the North American Power Group . He holds a B.A. in Neuroscience from the University of Chicago as well as a M.S. Degree in Operations Research and an M.S. in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.
Trident take its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Each year Trident hand picks specific charities that make the world a greater place. Whether it be combating disease and disorders, child sponsorship organizations, Disaster & Humanitarian relief, Peace & Human Rights, Environmental Conservation, promotion of Art and culture or Educational Charities to name a few, Trident chooses to lead by example in improving the world.
We look forward to assisting you in your price discovery, hedging and risk management needs.
Trident is constantly searching for new talent. If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the Trident team, please send us your resume and why you would like to join us.
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